Monday, March 26, 2012

Upcoming Shows: Oh Sweet Sadie! & Swiss Days

I have received acceptance and started working on getting ready for two shows.  Both in Utah.  If you happen to live nearby, come stop by!

Here's some info about Oh Sweet Sadie!

There will be a special opening night where you get first dibs at all the goods.  It's for invited guests only....but guess what....I'm inviting YOU!  So feel free to come if you want! 

As for Swiss Days.....that is held in Midway, UT over Labor Day weekend.  If you have never been, I'm telling you, you HAVE to go.  It is crazy, there are a billion people, but you will find some of the coolest stuff and it is so much fun.  Definitely check it out.  I'll put more details up as it gets closer to the date.

I don't know that I will be doing any other shows other than those, but I will let you know if I get up enough energy and add one. 

Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

Ok, are you ready for a recipe that we (my mom, sister, and I) have made 12 times since receiving it one month ago.  These are SOOOO good.  Absolutely love them.  To quote the young man that bummed one off me in the parking lot after church, "Mom, you have got to make these for me!"  Yes, that is what I said to my mom too.  These did single handedly completely make me fall off my diet wagon I was on. So sad, but oh so good.

Few notes:

-I added half quick oats and half regular oats.  However, I don't know that it really matters.  It will be a little more "oatey" and chewy if you do all regular.  Personal preference. 

-Make sure you don't add the whole can of evaporated milk (been there, done that).  Just add it to the right consistency.  You want it to be thin enough that you can spread it easily, but you don't want it so thin that it's dripping off when you try to put them on a plate. ***Update:  after making them again, I measured and I think about 3 oz. is a good consistency. 

-These are great to freeze!!  We will freeze them, get one (ok, maybe not just one) out and in about 10 minutes, I have goodness in my mouth.

-Chocolate chips in the dough??  Yes, please.  I added about a cup to the dough.  I think I just love peanut butter and chocolate a little too much. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My FAVORITE Banana Bread

I think I make Banana Bread more than any other "one" recipe.  Why?  Oh, because we don't eat our bananas fast why not turn a healthy snack into a not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-delicious snack.  I absolutely love banana breads, especially with chocolate chips.  Warm....out of the oven....just talking about it makes me wish I had some rotting bananas right now.  Anyway, here is the recipe:

To start out, I'll tell you that this makes 3 large loaves.  If you don't want so many or you don't have enough bananas, the recipe is pretty easy to convert.  For example, I only had 1 1/2 c. bananas last time, so I just cut the recipe down by a 1/4.  Also, for the full recipe it makes about 4 mini loaves and 12 muffins.  You only need to cook about 20-30 minutes for the smaller pans. 

I didn't write in the recipe about the chocolate chips, but just throw in a couple handfuls.  More if you like more, less if you like less.  I promise, you will LOVE this recipe.  It is awesome!  So, if you have some rotting bananas on your counter right now....I suggest to get going.  You can thank me later.