Thursday, March 11, 2010

Want your Recipe Album Personalized?

I just made a book for someone on etsy that wanted the album to be burnt orange. I didn't have a burnt orange book, so I decided to add some fabric to it and I loved how it turned out. I added some coordinating paper to the inside and I really think I might get addicted to doing it this way.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Made it! Blog Party

I'm headed to a blog party at everything etsy. Check it out! They have lots of great tips and there are some amazing handmade items showcased.

I just updated my blog with the books I currently have. The recipes I have collected that are printed in the book are tried and true and this book would make a perfect gift for you or for someone else. I don't glue in my recipes, so it truly can become your very own, "My Favorite Recipes" book.

The scrapbook paper is stylish and my recipes are printed in different fonts to catch your eye and help you remember placement in the book. Approx. 125+ recipes are included in the book and there are empty slots for you to slip in your favorites, or you can slide mine out to add yours.

Many of the books come in different colors. Let me know if you are looking for something specific.
Remember to check out Everything Etsy and joing the "I made it Blog Party!"

I Made It Blog Party

My Favorite Recipes Book

This is the PERFECT recipe book. It's a blank recipe book, family recipe book, easy recipe book, make your own recipe book, and stylish recipe book, ALL IN ONE. It is in a nice photo album with scrapbook paper in all 200 recipe slots where you can add your recipes. It's perfect because the pages are plastic so you no longer will be spilling on your recipes and if you do, just wipe off the plastic.

As an added bonus, I have included 125+ of my All time favorite, tried and true, and family recipes. These are recipes that time and time again my mom or I have been asked for them or recipes I have tried out that I know I want to make time and time again. I didn't glue them in, however, so they are easy to slip out to create your very own.

How this book came to be: It got to the point where I was sick of having 15 different recipe books along with many loose papers scattered about. That's when I typed up all my recipes and created the "My Favorite Recipes" book. There are 9 sections: "Appetizers & Drinks," Breads," "Breakfast," "Soups," "Salads," "Sides," "Entrees," "Cookies," & "Desserts." When I don't have time to type them up...I just slide in an index card or the loose paper into the slot until I do have time.

This makes a perfect wedding present, birthday present, or a present just for the cook in you. I have MANY different styles of books. Click on my etsy link if you are interested in purchasing! Thanks for visiting!

Books Available

#3 - comes in dark chocolate brown & black
#4 comes in black, red, and brown
#5 comes in red and black
#10 is navy and is textured
#14 is comes in red, chocolate brown and black