Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Swiss Days!!!

I'm so excited to be at Swiss Days again this week!  Come join me this Friday and Saturday, August 30th and 31st.  I will be in the same general area but on the corner.  I have many new fabrics as well as new products!  I hope to see you there!!!

8.5x11 albums

I am loving my new 8.5x11 albums!  With pinterest gaining so much popularity for trying out new recipes, I titled this album, "Pins for the Palate."  

I have about 35 different fabrics I can use to customize the album just for you.  The great thing is, this book is completely expandable.  It can expand to hold HUNDREDS of your standard sheet protectors. I give directions on how to expand the book below.

 Step 1:  Push the large part of the screw through the hole on the front cover.  You will want it to extend out of the side with the fabric.

Step 2.  Fold in the fabric so it looks like picture number 2.  At this time, lengthen it with extender screws if you need them (if you are adding more than about 20 sheets, you will need extenders).  You can get them from me, Joanns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and many other places.

Step 3.  Take the binding strip (it looks like a 1/2 page and has holes in it.  See picture four.  If you want, you can line it up like in picture 3.

Step 4:  Put it on the screw so it is facing like in the picture 4.
Step 5:  Add your sheet on.  You want to put them on so the front side goes down and to the left.  

Step 6:  Once all your sheets are on, fold over the binding strip so it goes over the screws.

Step 7:  Place the back cover on.  See picture 7 on how it should look. 

Step 8:  Screw the back side on.  You will want to put pressure on the front of the book so that you aren't just twisting around the front screw at the same time as the back one.  

Step 9.  Fold in the fabric binding to cover the screws.

Step 10:  All done!!  Your book is assembled.   

 Some tips:  It sometimes helps to put on extra extenders, and once you get everything put together, you can unscrew the extra one and use the pressure from the back side of the book to keep it together.

Make sure you are putting pressure on the front side when you are unscrewing the back.  You don't want both sides to twist the same way or you will get no where.

If you have questions...feel free to contact me!

Thanks and Happy Cooking!