Monday, May 10, 2010

More Information

I thought I would post my current Etsy description of my books for any new visitors to my site. So if you don't know what my books are, here is the sales pitch: :0)

This is the PERFECT recipe book. It's a blank recipe book, family recipe book, easy recipe book, make your own recipe book, recipe organizer and stylish recipe book, ALL IN ONE. It is in a nice photo album with scrapbook paper in all 200 recipe slots where you can add your recipes. It's perfect because the pages are plastic so you no longer will be spilling on your recipes and if you do, just wipe off the plastic.

This is my favorite recipe book, but it's really meant to become YOUR favorite recipe book. I include over 125 of my all time favorite recipes inside the book, but I leave space after every section to easily add your own. I also don't glue my recipes in so you can slip mine out and put your own in.

The recipes included in the book are my All time favorite, tried and true, and family recipes. These are collected recipes that time and time again my mom or I have been asked for them or recipes I have tried out that I know I want to make time and time again. They are printed on paper that goes over the scrapbook paper to give the book its style. Because this recipe book is unlike other recipe organizer, it makes for a perfect gift for someone just starting cooking (graduation/wedding). However, it's also great for someone who already loves cooking and these recipes can help them add to their collection.

In this "My Favorite Recipes" book there are 9 sections: "Appetizers & Drinks," Breads," "Breakfast," "Soups," "Salads," "Sides," "Entrees," "Cookies," & "Desserts." You can easily add to my recipes by printing out your own, sliding in an index card or recipe card, or just slipping in a piece of paper or magazine card into one of the section.

Thinking of doing a RECIPE SHOWER?? This would be a perfect gift. I will even include 20 Cute Recipe cards for you to send out with the invitations. Then they can come to the shower with their recipe card and you can easily slip them in this book. Want a book that goes with their wedding colors and don't see one....I can wrap it in fabric that fits just the style. Convo me with questions or requests!

This makes a perfect wedding present, graduation present, birthday present, or a present just for the cook in you. I have MANY different styles of books. Convo me if there is a specific color you are looking for. I have many books that have a window in the front (this particular one doesn't) and I can type anything you want in that. I can also wrap books in fabric if there is a specific color scheme you may be looking for.

Current Books

Here are some pictures of the current books I have available. Sorry, the photos aren't the best. If there are ones you are interested in, let me know and I can give you more pictures and information on it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Couple Places to Find Me

Hi Everyone! I wanted to let you know of two places I will be at this week. Since it's Mother's Day next Sunday, many of you might be in the need for a gift. These recipe books are a perfect gift. They also make an awesome graduation and wedding present as well for those women just starting out cooking. Here are the locations:

If you're in Omaha, I will be doing the Midwest Trade Days Show out where Scary Acres normally is. The address is: 17272 Giles Road, Omaha, NE. I will be there Friday and Saturday 9-5, May 7th and 8th.

If you're in Utah, my books will be at a party a friend of mine is doing. I won't be there personally, but I will have my books there to purchase. Here is the info on that: