Saturday, February 11, 2012


I've been cooking like crazy lately (I hope to be posting some awesome new recipes I've been trying...soon), but the last few days I have been busy working on Valentines.

So my family has a little thing with mustaches lately.  My dad sells these awesome mustaches that cost a quarter and we have been a little obsessed.  It's amazing how entertaining they can be to my little guys.  So, with Valentines coming up I wanted a way to use them and share the love of the "stache."

Here's what I just finished making for all their classmates, friends, and relatives:

I packaged them up with their very own mustache.  I'm hoping my son's little 1st grade class has a blast with them and somebody takes a picture.

So excited to have those all done and they are done a WHOLE 4 DAYS EARLY.   So proud of myself for not procrastinating I can't even tell you.  I even got the dreaded (at least for me) Valentines box done too.  CHECK, CHECK.  Woot woot!  We made a great little robot wrapped in duct tape with slinkies for arms.  My son was so creative.  Super proud.

Well....for Valentines day I am offering 15% off your order through Valentines day at my Etsy store.  Just enter VALENTINES as the coupon code.  Enjoy!!!

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